The Manual Works Prompter Version 5.4                    

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The Manual Works Prompter is a tiny standalone, no-install HTML Application which turns any PC into a 'prompter' just like the TV, radio, and public speaking 'pros' use. I wrote it a couple of years ago and present it here AS-IS as COPYRIGHTED FREEWARE. That means you can freely copy it, you can freely distribute it WITHOUT making any charge, you can't claim that it's your original work, and you MUST leave the original name, author, and copyright details intact on EVERY copy or modified copy.

Do you ever need to read a script of any sort, for any reason? Would you find it easier if the script scrolled 'before your very eyes' just like a professional 'teleprompter' or 'autocue' device? Then The Manual Works Prompter is for YOU!

The Manual Works Prompter is a simple HTML Application (HTA file), and you can check and modify its content using any text editor including Notepad. Like a Web page, it needs no installation whatever and you can run it immediately from ANY media, including diskette and memory stick.

The Manual Works Prompter loads, edits, and saves scripts as simple text files (TXT files). All you need to do is remember to save or move them to the SAME directory as the Prompter HTA file (the so-called Prompter directory). For the adventurous, or those experienced in HTML, you can include several HTML tags which the Prompter will honour when the script is displayed!
Full details are in the supplied documentation.

The Manual Works Prompter comes in two versions: a MINI prompter designed for general use, and a VIDEO prompter which is full-screen, and includes an option to 'flip' the screen so you can easily make a 'through the lens' prompter system for video cameras by adding just one angled sheet of clear plastic or glass. Both versions are included in the ZIPfile, plus full documentation; so any HTML guru worthy of that title should be able to easily change pretty much anything you like, including screen size, colours, whatever.

The Manual Works Prompter SHOULD run without problems on any browser on a Windows PC, but I only guarantee it to work on the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. If you have problems with it on some other browser, you're on your own. :) - Thousands of Free Software Downloads. Updated Daily!… or click here if you don't see a button.

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My sincere thanks to everyone who has downloaded the Prompter so far: I hope you find it useful!

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